Gaudenzi Notary Studio: The Story

Carlo Gaudenzi was born in Bari on 26th June 1946 and graduated in jurisprudence at Bari University on 9th June 1970.
As well as the statutory two years of practice as a notary, he also practiced as a lawyer and simultaneously as a career officer in military aeronautics in the Aeronautical Corpo di Commissariato (Logistics).
After various studies in private law pursued while working in military aeronautics, and in particular a two-year course of specialization in civil law at a private school in Naples (1978-1980), he obtained firstly the qualification of Lawyer (now incompatible with the profession of notary) on 11th May 1979 at Bari Court of Appeal, and subsequently passed the National Competitive Notary Exam. From 1979 to 1980, while studying his specialism, he also appeared frequently as defence lawyer before the Bari Military Tribunal.
In August 1981 he began his professional career at the Studio of Notary Corrado Magarelli in Castellana Grotte (BA), as clerk to the notary, and was nominated Notary in Varese by a Presidential Decree on 2nd October 1981 (published in the Official Gazette 321 on 21.11.1981). He took up the post on 5th January 1982. For 4 years (1994-1999) he taught training courses for real estate mediators in Varese Province, run by the Varese Chamber of Commerce. 
From 1995 to 1999 he collaborated with the Lombardy Professional Association of Notaries, dealing with numerous topical juridical and notarial issues.
From 1999 to 2005 he was elected by the Board to the role of Councillor in the Milan District Board of Notaries, with specific responsibility for the question of notarial fees.
From 1999 he was appointed by the Varese Court to the auction of repossessed properties, contributing to the "decongestion" of the court in this type of legal procedure.
From time to time he is called upon as Technical Consultant to the Judge (Varese Court) to compile legal reports on sums and rights of inheritance in cases of succession on death.
In 2010 he obtained the title of "Professional Arbitrator" in accordance with article 1, point b) of Legislative Decree number 28, 4th March 2010.
Since 1982 he has collaborated with Aler Varese in the then Varese Institute of Social Housing, Residential and Social Building.